Adèle Fouché Art

Art should speak to the soul.


and all alone, my heart is searching for what my soul already knows…


Artist Statement

Our ongoing relationship to the planet should be ensured by the respect that we show it. Living conciously and appreciating the abundance of life is a way to regard our deep spiritual connection to everything that surrounds us. It is the relationship we have to each other and to life that inspires me to create work which is at times naïve, but always wells up from an unseen place. I experience a joy creating with skill, and despite hardship and suffering to still feel as a child in this world, small and in awe of the love, beauty and power which is contained in nature and humanity. I create with the hope that the love God holds for us all, reaches into the viewers heart and stirs a memory of what life truly means – a Future Memory

Future Memory

Remembering our home

Walking boldly on through life and remembering our true home

of sand and sea

Ocean light awash in her eys, clear longing for a return to eternal shores.


Your soul
as the bird of inspiration
breathes the gold dust of your works
on the naked canvas of my mind. Mari.

Light and Colour

for the love of fynbos