Protea Series.70×110. Sold.

Fynbos is the most diverse and the oldest floral kingdom in the world, and yet only a minute portion of the area in which it is found in the Western Cape, remains.

Blushing Brides. Oil on Canvas. 80×120. Sold
Skaamrosies, Blushing Brides

Serruria-rosea. Its common name, blushing bride, was derived from folklore. One version states that a young man would court a maiden, presenting her with a flower. The deeper the shade of pink, the more imminent the proposal, causing the maiden to blush.

Protea Pink. 40×60. Oil on Canvas. Sold.
Protea Series. Oil on Canvas. 60×80. Sold

Produces an abundance of sugar which is greedily enjoyed by the Cape Sugarbird.

Protea Series. Oil on Canvas. 60×60. Sold
King Protea

Protea Series. 40×60. Oil on Canvas. Sold
Past its bloom. Still filled with beauty.

Skaamrosies 1 . Private Collection.
Lights in the veld

Fynbos is seen most alive in the veld when the sun illuminates the centre of the flower.

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