Moving back… 250×120. Oil on Canvas. Private collection.
Moving Back

An investigation into chaos and order. When a butterfly flaps its wings, it creates a storm. Is this the ripple effect our actions have on the world.

On the other side of forgiveness. Oil on Canvas. 40×90. Sold.
On the other side of forgiveness

Do you feel as I, the huge release when you have finally let it go?

Breathe. 120×80. Oil on Canvas. Sold
Vermont. Oil on Canvas. 50×50. Sold.
Moving back… 120×60. Oil on canvas. Private collection.
Moving back

Further into chaos and order. Chaos is contained within order.

Passions Storm. 180×140. Oil on Canvas. . Privalte Collection.
Passions Storm

Need I say more…

Shelter from the Storm. Oil on Canvas. 180×90. Sold.
Shelter from the Storm.

For, though we not it now, we are always guided.

…you will hear a voice saying, this is the way walk in it. Isiah 30:21

if the tent, our earthly home is destroyed.

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